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A self-sustainable rural project associated with an alternative energy lifestyle residential development

Sacred Land company was established with the special aim to create and promote a new ‘green way of living’ on our planet. The green commitments, which the company undertakes, lie exclusively in the targets that the project team has set:

  • Development of an innovative project for building self-sustainable residential estates in remote areas, using renewable energy resources (solar, wind and geothermal), own water sources and waste water processing plants.
  • Maximal compliance with the environment, conservation of wildlife and preservation of cultural particularities of every single region and thus enjoying the gifts of nature.
  • Realization of a pilot project for demonstration the feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed solution.
  • Spreading of the idea among partners and adherents worldwide.
  • Conformation with the latest best available world practices and 21st century technical achievements for maximal energy efficiency, optimal usage of material resources and reduction of noxious emissions.
  • Following the trends for modern living and covering all the contemporary requirements and needs in order to keep and improve the human physical and mental health and comfort in the present hectic daily round.
The project team has developed this innovative idea with a look to the nature, a thought of the future and its absolute conviction and support Kyoto protocol principles and claims for fighting the global warming.